Presentation of the different survey samples

The interviews

Through semi-directive interviews, the objective was to carefully listen to individuals’ subjective experiences, by deepening some of the aspects questioned in the survey. More specifically, the interview grid aimed at understanding how individuals were managing the daily adjustments imposed by the lock-down situation as well as the resources used to deal with them, from the living space, material, temporal, social, emotional and physical points of view. It also questioned feelings regarding the media, the evolution of personal experiences of the pandemic over time, as well as their view of the future in this context.

Candidates selection

The persons that have been interviewed individually were enrolled on a voluntary basis from the registration file coming from the online survey. Candidates studying at the EPFL and UNIL were not selected in order to seek the diversity of the sample.

Over the 60 people interviewed individually, 39 were women and 21 were men. Participants were 46 years old on average, the youngest person being 24 and the oldest one 80 years old. Three-quarters of them were in a relationship (married or not). About the same proportion was living in apartments, mainly including 2 adults (for 21 of the respondents), 2 more children (for 10 of them), or 1 person (15 of them). None of the interviewees had moved during the lockdown.

contacts : Marie Santiago ; Angélick Schweizer ; Fabienne Fasseur