Presentation of the different survey samples

The app

The mobile application “Civique” was set up to grasp the effects of the virus spread and according containment measures in everyday life. It aimed at monitoring the changes and challenges it caused and the new experiences that have been unknown to the world we live in. 

In the form of two Challenges, the app-based crowdsourcing activities guided participants through a series of questions and tasks to share experiences and strategies confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. They aimed at supporting participants to become researchers of their own situation, explore how to best face situations of crisis and reflect upon consequences for our common future. Besides responding to conventional survey questions, participants could express in creative ways, sharing stories and images of how the new circumstances had gradually transformed their lives.

When and where ?

The  crowdsourcing activities (Challenge 1 and 2) were implemented in the “Civique” App and lasted from End of April to End of Mai. With one week in-between Challenge 1 and 2,  the app-based data collection accompanied participants over several weeks and documented changes in the situation over time.

Who took part?

At the end of the national survey, respondents could express their interest in taking part in further research activities, such as crowdsourcing via the Civique App.

Contacts: Daniel Gatica-perez ; Livia fritz